Redfish POS is a PA-DSS compliant quick-serve, bar and table-service restaurant software application that runs on touch-screen POS computers. Redfish POS is used to place customer orders, route print jobs, track time and attendance, provide reporting and accept all common forms of payment including gift cards. Redfish POS  can run in quick-service, quick-casual or table-service modes. The availability of each function below is based upon the mode Redfish POS ® is running in.


Significant Features

–Uses MSSQL 2012 Database Capable of Storing Virtually Unlimited Data
–Efficient at Credit Card Transaction Captures reducing Processing Costs
–Three or Less Terminals do not require a Main Server
–Make System Changes at any Terminal and the entire House will reflect the Changes
–Sold at an affordable all-inclusive price with no extra add-on Fees
–Apply Auto-Gratuity to the non-discounted Check Balance
–Verified as PA-DSS Compliant (OOS)
–Designed in 2009 and Built upon Modern Cutting Edge Technology
–Easy to use requiring little Training

Methods of Customer Payment

–Gift Cards
–Credit Cards
–Debit Cards
–Cash & Check
–House Accounts & Vouchers
–Comps, Voids & Discounts

Payment Function Sample

–Split Check
–Checks by Seat
–Split Payment
–Void Payment
–Check Gift Card Balance
–Print Credit, Cash and Itemized Receipts

Ordering Function Sample

–Forced Modifiers, Exception Modifiers and See Server Requests
–Attach a Customer’s Name to an Order or Table
–Repeat & Repeat Quantity
–Limitless Table Seating
–Quick Takeout, Appetizer, Don’t Make & Hold Modifiers
–Pizza Builder
–Caller Id and Customer Manager

Time Tracking Functions

–Clock-In & Clock-Out on up to 4 Assigned Roles
–Start Break / Stop Break

Other Useful Functions

–Transfer a Table between Employees
–Merge two or more Tables Together
–Review or Reopen a Closed Check
–Reprint Receipts
–Adjust Transactions
–Batch Transactions
–Search for Transactions
–Display Credit Card Tips
–Closeout House
–Adjust Employee Clock Outs
–Cash Drops and Auto Cash Drop Warning
–Claim Cash Drawer
–Pay-In / Pay-Out
–Log-In and Log-Out by Magnetic Card or Password
–Display Product Info/Recipes to the User

Reports Sample

–The System can Email all Reports Directly to your Email Address
–All Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF, CSV and other Formats
–Sales & Discounts by Revenue Center & Revenue Type
–Sales & Discounts by Day Part, Product Group and Employee
–One-Click Quick Sales & Discounts Sent to POS Printer
–Payroll Report with Labor to Sales Ratio
–Print Employee Information
–Print House & Employee Checkout History

System Configuration Sample

–Job Codes, Access Levels and Pay Grades
–Users and User Roles
–Printers, Printer Groups and Custom Receipts
–Forced & Exception Modifiers
–Products and Multiple Menus Based on Terminal and/or Time
–Barcode Scanner
–Customer Pole Display