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    Jason CameronJason Cameron

    To use Redfish POS with tablets there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration. Please find our recommendations below.

    1. Tablets use WiFi for network connectivity. The average household WiFi router for the home or small office generally will not provide a sufficient amount of coverage for a restaurant or bar. We recommend a commercial grade access point. We recommend Ubiguity Networks Unifi Access Points.

    2. Which tablet do I buy?. Redfish POS can be used with almost any tablet that has an RDP app. There are many factors that should be considered when purchasing a tablet for use with Redfish. Size is important. If your staff will be carrying the tablet around, consider a slightly smaller size tablet. (7-8 inches) If the tablet will be stationary, consider a larger size (10+ inches). Large fingers can make a smaller tablet (7-8 inches) difficult to use. Another thing to keep in mind is battery life. If the tablet will be mobile, how long is the battery life? Are there any protective cases that can be purchase for the chosen tablet?

    3. Which RDP App? Redfish recommends iTap Mobile. Other RDP apps will work but we have seen the best performance with iTap.

    4. Limitations. Using a tablet as a POS terminal has its limitations. Credit cards currently can not be swiped from a tablet. Printing customer tickets will actually be printed at the POS station hosting your RDP session. Battery life can be an issue. Damage can be an issue if the tablet is dropped. If the tablet will be stationary money would probably be better spent on an actual POS computer.

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