Affordable Payment Plans


Now anyone can afford a top quality point of sale system for their business.  A new Redfish point of sale system will change the way you operate by saving you time and money! A Redfish system will allow you to efficiently manage your business. Whether it’s a bar, quick service restaurant, casual dining or fine dining establishment, Redfish will allow you to focus on what’s important: keeping your customers happy and happily spending money!

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  • Choose Your Catch

  • All-in-One Touch Terminal
  • Thermal Printer
  • Cash Drawer
  • MSR (Card Reader)
  • Free Tier 1 Support
  • Built in Credit Cards
  • Redfish Software License
  • 10 Employee Cards
  • Kitchen Printer
  • Kitchen Printer Adapters
  • Office PC License
  • Customer Display
  • Barcode Scanner


  • An occasion internet connection is required for Redfish POS. This is needed to process credit cards, check for updates, setup mobile terminals, or receive online support.
  • Systems do NOT come with Network cabling. Network wiring will need to be installed in your building for proper operation where applicable.
  • Redfish POS does NOT do on site installations. The POS systems area fairly straight forward to setup but if you need assistance we can work together with a local computer tech to get you up and running.