Update History


Next Build       TBA

2.5.5422         11/6/2014

  • Fixed the down button function for forced modifiers.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Pricing Intervals to save incorrectly.
  • Fixed the inability of Adjust Gratuity to set the tip amount back to $0.00. (ie.. remove an Adjusted Gratuity.)
  • Improved the functionality of the Finance Screen adding improved search functions and the display of more detailed transaction information.
  • Added the ability to adjust gratuity directly from the Finance Screen. A much faster way to edit and keep up with tickets that have un-adjusted  tips.
  • Adjust Gratuity now prints a small confirmation chit. This falls more in line with industry standard and allows employees to staple the confirmation to the signed customer copy.
  • Added the ability to do Cash Refunds on the Finance Screen. Cash refunds are stored as a Pay Out under “Cash Refund”.
  • Added the ability to do Credit Refunds on the Finance Screen. Credit Refunds can be done on tickets from past business days. Void Payment should be used for the current business day.

2.5.5395      10/19/2014

  • Added waiting list functionality for busy table service restaurants that go on a customer wait.
  • Added table seating management for tracking seated and available tables. Can be managed from any POS station or tablet running Redfish.
  • Added SMS/Text paging for customers that are currently on the waiting list. Simply click Page Customer.
  • Added a Copy Product button on the Products page to make adding similar products much faster.
  • Added More functions page to the Redfish Desktop to store new  features from future updates.

2.5.5345    8/20/2014

  • Added Customer Manager capabilities for Quick Service mode. Add, Edit and Delete Customers
  • Added ability to attach new and existing customers to orders
  • Added ability to Search for existing customers by phone number
  • Added ability to display the selected customer’s address in Bing Maps
  • Added ability to print Bing Maps to office printers as well as send SMS or email messages with the customers address to delivery drivers.

2.5.5312     7/18/2014

  • Added ability for keyed in manager approval for Voids, Comps, Promos and House Account Payments.
  • Added ability to set the Button Color, and Text Color of Products, Modifiers and Forced Modifier buttons.
  • Changed the Order # numbering in Quick Service so that it is global across all stations and will not produce multiples
  • Made a few minor tweaks and performance improvements

2.5.5296   7/2/2014

  • Added offline mode for customers that do not have an internet connection
  • Temporarily removed the Sales by Day of Week report as the products in the report are not being reported correctly
  • Enabled printing of reports directly from the Report Viewer Page. This is for standard office printers
  • Added a non-full screen option for customers that are running the software on an office PC.

2.5.5287   6/23/2014

  • Added ability to re-print Credit Card Vouchers on tickets closed out to a credit card.
  • Added suggested gratuity amounts to credit card receipts of 15, 20 and 25%.
  • Added Product Info function that will display information about a product. For example recipes. Information can be set on the Products Page.
  • Removed the Send Order button from quick service mode as orders are now sent automatically and is no longer needed.
  • Removed the As Delivery button as it was seldom used and to make room for Product Info function.

2.5.5281    6/17/2014

  • Quick update to fix the Demo database that caught issues with the last release.

2.5.5277     6/13/2014

  • Fixed the Repeat, and Repeat Quantity functions so they properly subtract from inventory.
  • Fixed the Clear Seat, Delete Order and Delete Item functions so they return inventory when product is not sent.
  • Added a pop up message that will ask if inventory was returned when doing a Void or Comp. If YES the products will be returned to inventory.
  • Fixed the Cost column in the Inventory Manager that was causing the program to freeze up.

2.5.5270     6/6/2014

  • Added transfer order function to quick service mode.
  • Added help system to the BOH. Help system will continue to expand as new features are added.
  • Added more color choices for Quick Service buttons.
  • Fixed the As App quick modifier button so it does not delete the entered product.
  • Fixed the Map Product buttons in Quick Service mode so they do not double order on multi-touch screens.

2.5.5252    5/20/2014

  • Fixed Quick Check and Quick Credit buttons in Quick Service mode so they send orders to kitchen/bar printers properly.
  • Fixed the Z-Out Print and Mid-Shift Report buttons so they don’t double print on multi-touch systems.
  • Removed the annoying pop up window on the login screen when an invalid number is used.

2.5.5247     5/14/2014

  • Fixed multi-touch issue with login screen
  • Added ability for users to print checkout report before clocking out. “Can Print Mid-Shift Report” on Access Levels
  • Added ability for users to print out a small Z-Out form to complete and drop with their bank. “Can print Z-Out” on Access Levels
  • Shortened the Checkout Report for employees that do not ring in orders. ie: Cooks, Bussers, Hostesses, Maintenance etc…

2.5.5242     5/9/2014

  • Minor fix for Multi-Touch

2.5.5237      5/4/2014

  • Reduced the fade out time on the login screen
  • Added keyboard support for the main login screen
  • Added “See Server” and “Send Order” functions to Quick Service Mode
  • Updated database model for Inventory Manager
  • Improved touch support for multi-touch digitizers for Windows 8 Pro Tablets

2.5.5160       2/16/2014

  • Fixed an issue with the email service.

2.5.5148       2/4/2014

  • Fixed an issue with the Payroll Report reporting incorrect retained tip values for employees clocking in under multiple job codes
  • Fixed and issue with Master Sales report was showing an over / shortage amount that was not correct

2.5.5138       1/25/2014

  • Fixed a minor issue cause check balances to be wrong when repeating modifiers.

2.5.5115        1/2/2014

  • Fixed a bug with discounts throwing an error when discounting an entire check
  • Updated both the Demo and Full installers

2.5.5102      12/20/2013

  • Added Gift Card processing
  • Added gift card configuration to Credit Configuration screen
  • Fixed a bug where log-ins with employee cards did not function correctly on certain hardware.
  • Updated the code for Netepay Version 1.31
  • Fixed a bug with reports for Pay ins and Pay outs
  • Removed the Super User Password from the Users screen
  • Updated the Discount Configuration Screen
  • Updated the varconfig tool
  • Updated the Demo Version to use SQLite
  • A ton of performance improvements

2.5.5036      10/16/2013

  • Added support for customer pole display
  • Added support for POS text insertion for DVRs
  • Fixed bug with Void types not deleting.
  • Fixed bug with Exception modifiers
  • Fixed bug with See Server button.
  • Fixed bug with modifiers not being deleted when item is deleted.
  • Fixed bug with Equal Receipts button on payment screen
  • Simplified the Printer configuration screen.

2.5.5031       09/11/2013

  • Fixed syntax error in Add Gratuity functionality
  • Added tokenization for Credit Card Processing
  • Added support for Mercury Payment Systems
  • Added certification for ChefTab KDS System