Private Label Solutions

Redfish POS is the only Restaurant POS Software offering a complete private label solutions custom made for payment card industry Agents and ISOs. Private label solutions means the software looks as if it was developed by your company. You name the product, we use your company logo and your choice of colors.

For your custom branded version of the software, you are free to sell it however you see fit. Your sales choices are not restricted in any way, which means you can set your own price for the software and keep all the profits. You can even sell it as an OEM if you are providing the computer hardware solutions to your clients. Each client receives a custom branded solution complete with easy to use installer so setup is a snap.

The only restrictions here is that you wont be provided with the software source code and the software license generation rights still remains to us.

Benefits of Private Labeling with Redfish POS

  • Private label a complete POS system as part of your merchant solution offerings
  • Better compete with the big companies offering All-in-one POS/Merchant solutions
  • Sell franchise operators a complete private labeled solution for their locations
  • Create your own product line instantly
  • Save thousands of dollars in development costs and time.
  • Updates are generated automatically and never require an on site technician.
  • No cost/No effort automatic software updates for 6 months
  • Custom software changes available.
  • Lock in your merchants and discourage competing merchant providers from re-programing your hardware.
  • Easily enable and disable customers software remotely.
  • Optional complete pre-configured systems, with your private label, drop shipped to you or your customer door steps.
  • Training available for user, administrator and developer levels.
  • EMV solutions for Datacap’s Netepay,  USAePay, and PAX

Custom Software Engineering Options.

Want to add a new feature? We can do that too!

Contact us for more information and pricing.