Redfish POS Demo

User Manual 2015

Use login code 7777

To exit the software use 0000


Requires Windows 7 or 8.

Occasional internet connection required.

System Requirements

Redfish point of sale software is designed to run on any Windows based machine. It will work with almost all existing point of sale designed hardware with specs similar to whats listed below, but can also be run from your computer at home using just a keyboard and a mouse.

Operating System

Windows 7, Windows 8, POSReady 7 Server 2012, 


2.0Ghz Celeron 2GB RAM

Recommended Hardware

POS Touch Screen Monitor (single touch)
Epson TM-88V or Epson TM-20 Receipt Printer (USB or Serial)
Epson Compatible Cash Drawer (Printer Driven)
Magnetic Card Swipe – Magtek Mini (Required for Datacap NetEpay)


English Only